Residential Care

Sometimes people need 24 hour specialist care in a home away from home. Residential care provides 24 hour supported living where assistance is required with day to day tasks which may include washing, dressing or going out. It offers an alternative to living at home when increased and ongoing help is required.

Residential care, whether for a child, young person or adult should be safe, effective, caring, well-led and responsive to their individual needs.



 Lifeworks Residential Care 

At Lifeworks we have an ethos of positive support and believe that with nurture, positive focus on relationships and ability rather than disability, individuals can reach their own potential, aspirations and goals as they make their journey to more independence. 

All of Lifeworks services are person centred which means that each persons care is planned with them and their support circle. Working alongside the people staying with us, their relatives, health and education professionals we develop care plans that place them at the centre. We support each individual to ensure their needs are met but also offer life-skills and opportunities to reach their full potential.

Having a different ability or additional needs, can mean that communication becomes a real challenge. Our services use a total communication system. This helps people to develop their understanding of language and communication skills to live the lives they want. Using a range of systems including Makaton, Now & Next, personalised visual planners and digital tools to help us to develop effective two way communication with everyone we work with.

Lifeworks prioritises health and emotional well-being for everyone in our services. Whether it is the food that we eat or the activities we do. Our services understand the importance of a balanced approach to taking care of ourselves, connecting with people and being part of our communities. This holistic approach is vital to the happiness of the people we care for.



Sesame is a warm and welcoming home in Torbay providing 24-hour residential care and specialist support to adults aged over 18 with autism and moderate learning disabilities. A house full of friendliness and laughter, it is a very special place. 



Robins is a purpose built home providing 24 hour care, support and opportunities for young people with learning disabilities up to the age of 20. Growing through childhood, adolescence and into adulthood, we provide a range of opportunities for people to progress personally, socially and independently whilst making friends and having a lot of fun.


How to access Residential Care

We know choosing the right residential setting is a big decision. We would welcome the opportunity to show you around Sesame or Robins to help you find out more about our services. If you would like to pursue a referral to one of services we can offer guidance and advice.

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