About us

Lifeworks work to support people with learning disabilities have great lives. Our services have people’s needs at their heart and strive to help them reach their full potential.


About Lifeworks

At Lifeworks we believe in the rights of all individuals with a learning disability, however complex, to receive the services and support they need to develop the skills and confidence to reach their full potential.

We are a charity in Devon that has grown a lot since our beginnings 21 ago when we opened our first service, Robins. Our approach, which is to meet the needs of people with learning disabilities and their families, has not changed.

Needs led services

All of our work has been developed in response to the needs of people with learning disabilities and their families. Our services include the provision of residential and short breaks, specialist further education, and numerous community projects with our young people leading the way.

Over the course of a year, we support around 250 people with learning disabilities to have great lives. The way we do this is by creating opportunities so that the people we support can reach their full potential and are engaged with and valued by their communities.

Disability Champions

At Lifeworks we aim to be learning disability champions by supporting, promoting, caring for, advocating for and giving a voice to the people we support. We do this by listening to the people we support and providing the services they tell us they need.

Valued for who you are

We want people to be seen and valued for who they are and not for any perceived difference. We want people with learning disabilities to have socially valued roles. For it to be the norm for them to contribute to, be part of and welcomed by their communities always.

Charity Accounts

Read our charity accounts to see how your money helps. Our accounts explain where our money comes from and how we spend it.

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CoronavirusSocial distancing guidelines mean that Lifeworks services may be subject to change or not running as they usually do

Keeping people safe is always our top priority. We will run services in the usual way if we feel it is safe to do so or if we are advised not to by central and local Government.

We are currently offering short-breaks at our Robins children's service. Our Community Projects team continue to offer a varied programme of online activities via our platform, Safe-Space. Whatever social distancing measures are in place over the coming months, we will endeavour to offer engaging activities for everyone via this channel.

Please continue to find out more about our services and get in touch with us to discuss them at any time. Email [email protected] or call 01803 840 744

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