Support Lifeworks

However you choose to support Lifeworks it will make a real difference to the lives of the people we support.

Whether you want to get active with a personal challenge or put on some other fundraiser, maybe you are looking for a charity to support at work or simply want to know how to fundraise online. You will find ideas and more here.

Be a Fundraising Champion for Lifeworks

There are lots of ways that you can choose to support Lifeworks and your fundraising will help people with learning disabilities to reach their full potential.

The people at Lifeworks challenge themselves every day, whether it is something that others may take for granted like cooking a meal or something more adventurous like standing up on surfboard for the first time.

You can choose how to show your support for them, from bakes sales at work to parachuting from a plane. We have lots of suggestions of ways you can support lifeworks. 


Challenge yourself

Find adventure and test yourself to the limits. Whether you want to run, swim, climb or jump we are sure that you will buzz with achievement when you complete your challenge for Lifeworks.



Fundraising your way

Be a cake baker or some other money maker for Lifeworks. If you aren’t quite sure how you will fundraise for Lifeworks we have lots of ideas and can support you to get you on your way to achieving great things.



Support us at work

Boost your corporate social responsibility and work in partnership with Lifeworks to help people with learning disabilities reach their full potential.



Fundraising online

So easy. You can raise money just with the click of your mouse.


Discuss Your Ideas with us

However you chose to fundraise for us we would love to hear from you. Contact us to discuss your ideas. We will support you to achieve your ambitions for Lifeworks so that we can help even more people with learning disabilities to achieve theirs.

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