Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees have the overall responsibility for the management and conduct of Lifeworks and support the Charity to develop our strategic direction and work towards achieving our goals. They bring with them a wealth of experience from not only the statutory and independent social care sector, but also from business, health, specialist education, finance, governance, safeguarding as well as lived experiences and the personal qualities that set the ethos of what Lifeworks stands for. 


About our trustees

Lifeworks Trustees have a deep understanding of the needs of children and young people with learning disabilities, and the physical obstacles they may encounter in life as well as the emotional challenges including depression, anxiety, and isolation which often begins early in childhood, becoming more pronounced during adolescence, an emotionally turbulent time.

Our board have a passion to help give a voice to the vulnerable in society and are crusaders for inclusion of all in the hope of helping to make a richer more compassionate society.


 Paul Clarkson – Chairman

 Paul brings over 20 years of experience in managing services both in the statutory and independent sectors to the board.

 His previous appointments include Clinical  Development Manager for a community trust which included supported living, residential and inpatient services, and Development Manager with a strong focus on service improvement.

This was followed by a senior position within a Higher Education establishment with the remit for education development in social work and nursing courses in respect of learning disabilities. Paul then held successive roles as Registered Manager of a nursing home for learning disabilities, Registered Manager of a hospital for people with learning disabilities, and General Manager for specialist learning disability services providing residential, health and supported living services.

Paul has acted as Responsible Person for hospital services and been on secondment to oversee development for health provision outside of the UK.


Mike Boon

Mike’s role as Purchasing Manager for a American machinery manufacturer involved the management of 20 staff members and included overseas travel which brought him into contact with a wide range of people at all levels. His priorities and expertise were around financial management and obtaining the very best value for money in the procurement of goods and services.

On retirement in 2009, Mike served as a Magistrate for 6 years, retiring from the Bench in 2016.  He has 5 years experience as secretary for a charitable organisation and remains a Trustee of their Board.

A family man as well as an ex-school governor, and having served on both Adult Criminal and Family panels as a Magistrate, Mike has a deep understanding of the needs of children and young people, and the obstacles they may encounter in life. Mike has a common sense approach to life and believes that it is important that the opinions of others are listened to and respected.

Thank you to everyone involved with Lifeworks for helping us work towards our goals.
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CoronavirusSocial distancing guidelines mean that Lifeworks services may be subject to change or not running as they usually do

Keeping people safe is always our top priority. We will run services in the usual way if we feel it is safe to do so or if we are advised not to by central and local Government.

We are currently offering short-breaks at our Robins children's service. Our Community Projects team continue to offer a varied programme of online activities via our platform, Safe-Space. Whatever social distancing measures are in place over the coming months, we will endeavour to offer engaging activities for everyone via this channel.

Please continue to find out more about our services and get in touch with us to discuss them at any time. Email [email protected] or call 01803 840 744

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