September 4, 2023

Lifeworks achieves the Artsmark Gold Award!


Lifeworks has created a vibrant space where young individuals can thrive and shine

We are thrilled to announce that Lifeworks has achieved the Artsmark Gold Award! Congratulations to Michelle Skinner, Arts Teacher at Lifeworks FE College and the team for their hard work and dedication to achieve this award.

This remarkable accomplishment is a testament to Lifeworks’ unwavering dedication to fostering creativity and inclusivity with their community. Through their innovative programmes and activities, they have empowered young people with learning disabilities to explore their artistic talents, building confidence and self-expression.

Artsmark gold award reflects the commitment of Lifeworks in enriching lives through the transformative power of the arts. The Artsmark assessor wrote ‘All students have art lessons and access to a wide range of arts-based experiences such as painting, collage, drawing, film making, woodwork, cooking, cake decorating, dance, recycling and upcycling. Music sessions include drumming, singing and more recently, sound therapy sessions”.

Students are actively engaged with the Arts

From inspiring painting to lively musical performances, Lifeworks has created a vibrant space where young individuals can thrive and shine, showcasing their exceptional talents and abilities. Artsmark praised Michelle Skinner, arts teacher at Lifeworks College in their feedback and said ‘Students are actively engaged with the Arts, contribute towards planning by making suggestions, and take ownership of their own progression.’ This Award is a testament to the life changing impact Lifeworks has on these incredible young minds showing that with the right support and belief every individual can achieve greatness.

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