Totnes Animal Safari’s Donation for Lifeworks

A new rabbit in town and a kind donation to Lifeworks

Totnes Animal Safari

We have a new addition to the well known Totnes animal safari. Paula and her two sons recently welcomed a smartly dressed 5ft white rabbit named Harvey into their garden. In exchange for the rabbit they have made a donation to Lifeworks to support local people with learning disabilities to have great lives.

Harvey the rabbit was created by Totnes’ local community sculpter Malcolm Curley. It adds another interesting creature to the local trail which helps to brighten up the walks local families and residents are undertaking during lockdown.

Malcolm Curley has created more than 150 creatures over the years which are proudly displayed in gardens across Totnes and the surrounding areas. Works are requested via Malcolm’s Facebook page and he usually has a waiting list of around 20 pieces. The octogenarian artist said, “It keeps me busy and out of trouble! A few years ago I took the decision not to make them for a fee and since then no money has crossed my hands, instead people make a donation to a charity of their choice. I have enjoyed it all the more since”.

Malcolm says goodbye to Harvey

Donation for Lifeworks

Paula and her two son’s Louis and Cameron recently picked up their smartly dressed rabbit and have settled him into his new home in the garden. They chose to make a donation to Lifeworks as Louis attends some of our community activities. Louis said, “I like the rabbit – it looks cool! I like going to Lifeworks as you get to go on trips and see your friends. I am a DJ and like house music. I’m looking forward to doing the Disco Bus project with Lifeworks soon and doing breakdancing.”

Kat Lacy, Lifeworks Fundraising Officer said, “It is wonderful to receive this donation and hear of another animal to the local trail! Our thanks go to Paula and family for their support. Their donation will go towards our Community Programme which offers a range of fun activities such as youth clubs, holiday activities, sports and more recently our online sessions which offer dance, music, cooking, mindfulness and keep fit to people at home”.

To find out more about Malcom’s fantastic animal creations you can find him on Facebook. Malcolm finances the production of the animals himself but he would prefer to use recycled materials to make them. He specifically welcomes donations of tins of paint, boards of plywood and UPVC sheets. Get in touch with him if you can help.

To find out how you can make a donation to Lifeworks click here

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