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The Lifeworks college students are always excited when it is their turn to visit the Forest

Lifeworks Woodland Management Project

Lifeworks College students are doing a number of projects at the Forest and Beach School at Beeson. We thought you would like to hear about them. Over the coming weeks, we will tell you about a different project, starting with the Woodland Management Project. 

The lifeworks College students are helping with the development of the woodland where the Forest School is based. They have started with the replanting of young saplings, many that have been donated by the surrounding community.

Lifeworks Youth Group Conductor 2022
Lifeworks Youth Group Conductor1 2022

Replanting of young saplings

It is hoped that the saplings will grow big strong trees to replace the Ash trees effected by Ash Dieback disease. Sadly, the Ash trees have had to be cut down which we then cut up and use to keep the campfire going.

On other occasions, the students spend time walking through the woods seeking out young saplings and protecting them with spiral tree guards. This protects them from wildlife, like deer, from eating them.

Enjoying making a contribution the woodland

Naturally the new trees will bring quality and quantity to the woodland and maintains ground cover for the soil, flowers, plants and, not forgetting, the wildlife.

The students are always excited when it is their turn to visit the Forest and Beach School and enjoy making a contribution the woodland in support of nature. They are learning so much about the outdoors and always eager to learn more.
In the comming weeks, we will tell you about Woodland Garden Project



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