May 3, 2023

Sonia Hodge joins Lifeworks as new Robins Residential Manager.


A message from our new Lifeworks Robins Residential Manager

I have worked in the delivery of children services for about 25 years in many different roles from a creative play journalist to an assistant team manager in child protection. I am passionate about children and ensuring that all children, regardless of ability, are given the opportunity to grow, develop and explore their potential.

Robins is a unique provision. During my initial tea visit I felt emotional but excited to see how passionate staff are about Robins and the children who access the service.

Outside of work I am committed to raising funds for charities such as cancer and medical research. I lost my own son to leukaemia in 2015. If I can help prevent another family experiencing the loss and pain of losing a child, then my goals have been met. In September I am taking on the Dawn to Dusk challenge and will be completing a 40-mile bike ride, a 2-mile canoe and 11 mile hike up Skiddaw, the 6th highest peak in the UK. Last week I climbed Mount Snowdon in Wales in preparation for this challenge.

I never miss an opportunity to plug my Just Giving Page so if anyone would like to sponsor me please do visit my page!

Since joining I have observed some amazing sessions with the young people since I started in my role as Manager, three weeks ago. I don’t feel the following photographs need any captions … they speak for themselves

Robins Child Residential & Short Breaks in Devon

Robins is a purpose built home providing 24 hour care, support and opportunities for young people with learning disabilities up to the age of 20. We offer both long-term residential care as well as short-breaks depending on each child’s requirements.

We support children and young people through childhood and their teenage years into adulthood, helping them learn to live as independently as possible. Highly skilled and caring staff provide tailored support to enable everyone to thrive and reach their full potential.

Robins has been caring for young people since 1999. We are passionate about providing quality support to young people with autism, sensory impairments, learning and physical disabilities. For more information visit Lifeworks Robins Residential 

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