Robins Child Residential & Short Breaks in Devon

Robins is a purpose built home providing 24 hour care, support and opportunities for young people with learning disabilities up to the age of 20. We offer both long-term residential care as well as short-breaks depending on each child’s requirements.

We support children and young people through childhood and their teenage years into adulthood, helping them learn to live as independently as possible. Highly skilled and caring staff provide tailored support to enable everyone to thrive and reach their full potential.

Robins has been caring for young people since 1999. We are passionate about providing quality support to young people with autism, sensory impairments, learning and physical disabilities.

Learning Disability Residential & Short Breaks in Devon

Situated in Dartington, near Totnes, Robins is surrounded by beautiful countryside. It is a warm and welcoming home from home that combines comfort, safety and accessibility. Our location is well placed in South Devon, enabling the children to access the beach, woodland, Dartmoor as well as local recreation and leisure venues.

Robins has 10 bedrooms, 4 of which are for young people who live long-term with us and have their own self-contained annex. The large communal lounge, interactive sensory room as well as separate activities room and various outdoor spaces are available for everyone. Our large kitchen and dining room is the heart of the home and offers the young people a training kitchen in which they can practice their life skills.

There are a wide range of activities that our young people can get involved with if they choose from cookery, music, art, sensory play and games. Everyone’s abilities and interests are different, we are led by what each individual wants to do. 

To support each individual’s physical needs there is a complete range of lifting and moving aids as well as a lift to the first floor. 

We work closely with families and guardians to ensure that we work holistically to meet their child’s individual medical, cultural, educational and dietary needs.

Whatever the reason or the length of stay, our aim is to make sure that each child and young person is given the best quality care and support. We want everyone who stays with us at Robins to feel safe, gain something new and have a great time.

Robins Residential Care

Robins provides a caring home from home for everyone who stays with us. For some young people this is on a long term basis as their families need specialist help looking after them.

We have two self-contained two-bedroom apartments, providing separate living spaces for up to four young people receiving full-time residential care. Each apartment has its own lounge to give our young people a bit more independence and space. The bedrooms are personalised for each young person to make their time at Robins feel like home.

We ensure that each person who stays with us is able to access a range of opportunities to grow personally, socially and independently. Lifeworks have a range of educational and community projects that we link into along with the wider opportunities we access in the local area. 


Robins Short Breaks

We understand how vital short breaks are for families with children who have a learning disability. Short breaks at Robins provide our young guests with the opportunity to spend time away, by themselves and with peers to develop friendships outside of school. They also give parents and carers important time to themselves, or to spend with other siblings and family members.

Young people who stay with us on a short break will be given an individual spacious room, which can be tailored to suit their individual needs and make their stay more comfortable. We encourage young people to bring a ‘treasure box’ while they stay, filled with their own toys and personal items. This helps us to personalise each room so that it is special and unique for them – whether that is over night, for a week or frequently every month.

Whether a child stays with us on a long term or short break we work to ensure that we meet their individual needs. We offer a varied and interesting range of fun, adventure and social activities, alongside vital life-skills. We aim for every young person who stays with us to gain something and grow in themselves.  

How we work at Robins

We work alongside our children and young people, their parents and carers, health and education professionals to develop care plans that place the child at the centre. We strive to really understand each child, creating choices to help them achieve their goals and aspirations. We also look reflectively at how we can always do better. Ultimately Robins provides a young person with fun, adventure, breaking down barriers to give opportunities for young people to do anything they want to. We share young people’s pride when they achieve something new. 

The staff team at Robins work hard to ensure every young person enjoys their time at Robins by offering an amazing amount of opportunity and activity. Inclusivity and an ambition for breaking down barriers is at the heart of all that we do.

We know we make a difference because our young people and parents tell us so. Through the smiles, the laughter, the celebration of achievement we know we make a difference in helping that young person reach their full potential.

Robins Ofsted Report

Our most recent Ofsted report in June 2022 


Person Centered

Children who live or have short breaks in this home have made excellent progress.
They have carefully tailored support and care, which enable children to enjoy a
variety of activities and experiences.


Good relationships

Staff know the children well. They are focused on ensuring that children’s physical
and emotional needs are met, while also providing a happy and fun home life


Varied Activities

Children who struggle to go out at all in other environments have conquered these fears due to the support they receive from staff


Personal Choices

Staff consult with children in a variety of ways about all aspects of their home and their care.

Robins Lifeworks Front Room

How to get a place at Robins

Young people using Robins have complex and profound disabilities alongside a statement of special educational needs (SEN) or Education, Health & Care Plan. Alongside learning disabilities some of the young people who stay with us Robins have physical disabilities; we have lifts and a range of equipment to support their needs.

You can arrange an informal visit by contacting us on the form below.

After visiting Robins we can begin our referral process which ensures a good transition for all our young people and allows us to carefully match need with our home, other young people and staff to ensure a young persons placement is successful.

We will work you and the local authority to make sure that joining us at Robins is as smooth as possible

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