The Holiday Project

The Holiday project is being developed in partnership with young people age 12-19 plus a fantastic network of activity providers and cultural venues across Devon. We aim to provide recreational and leisure opportunities across each holiday that enrich and extend experience; offer young people with learning disabilities a sense of community; belonging and independence.

Summer 2018 Headlines

  • Lifeworks enables a total of 62 individual learning disabled (LD) young people in a 4-week Holiday Project Programme.
  • 310 days of activity provided for participating young people.
  • 90% of parents/carers providing feedback report their children/young people have become more confident, learned new skills, tried something new and become more physically active.
  • 80% of young people participating in Keep Calm and Do It Anyway report an increase in mental wellbeing post-project (WEMWBS)
  • Young people participating in ALL ABOARD create “a grand experience” for families visiting South Devon Railway and inspire a wholly positive response “The most fun I’ve had on a train in a long time”

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Your Feedback

“There has been an amazing variety of activities for them to do which has helped her mind as she has helped others doing things she would never try any other time.” (Parent – Summer 2018)

M is being formed by his experiences within this safely held programme and finding out who he is and what interests him beyond Marvel Super Heroes and James Bond! He is surprising us all – thank you. (Parent – Summer 2018)

The best bits for me were being on the boat and doing yoga; feeling all aboard with everybody” Young Person


Building on our successful summer pilot wherein 80% of the young people participating experienced an improvement in mental wellbeing Lifeworks is proud to present KEEP CALM TOO this October Half Term. Our aim is to provide a comfortable space for young people to gain confidence, build resilience and develop creative coping strategies involving physical activity and mindfulness as they explore 5 ways to wellbeing: Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning and Give.

Next Up

Spring Half Term

11th –  14th Feb, 2019

For learning disabled young people 12 and over.

Our 4 day activity programme will provide participants the opportunity to:


For more information or to reserve your place please contact: [email protected] – 01803 861069 (Mon – Fri 10am – 2pm)

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