We are Branchline.


A Social Care, Play and Arts collective. 

We believe all young people have the right to experience and explore creativity.
We support learning disabled young people to take part, lead and progress in the arts.



In Development


A creativity programme devised in partnership with learning disabled young leaders to support learning disabled young people’s health and well-being is currently in development and seeking a commission. 40% of children with a learning disability suffer from mental health problems (James Robinson What’s the difference between a learning disability and a mental health problem?. Mencap. May 2016). This pilot will try and provide a comfortable space for young people to gain confidence, build resilience and develop creative coping strategies involving physical activity and mindfulness.


Lifeworks Young Volunteers, both train enthusiasts, and artists are coming together with the Branchline Partnership South Devon Railway and the Newton Abbot and GWR Museum to develop an inspirational art project this summer exploring the Totnes  – Buckfastleigh Branchline on the 6o year anniversary of its closure. If you remember riding the Branchline in days gone by; are a train enthusiast or have something to say about your transport options as a learning disabled young person we would love to hear from you. Coming soon a digital installation video and 3d installation soundscape.

By popular demand, sound-art are returning to South Devon railway this October half term to share the young createors, digital installtion once more. The Oral history created will be braodcast on Soundart radio soon.

  • ORDINARY ART 2019.

After overwhelmingly positive feedback for this year’s event: “Such an incredible space”; “a comfortable space “Wide range of activities” “Freedom to try new things” “For once my sister wasn’t the odd one out” “Keep it up”  “I want to see it happen again” “Please do this every year!”

The young curators have decided to use their learning to explore loneliness in the context of mental health and wellbeing in a 2-day inclusive festival for the whole family to be delivered on the Dartington Hall Estate September 2019 – working title: ORDINARY ART/EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE –  Click HERE read more about the Ordinary Art Festival. If you would like to get involved contact Sarah-Jane Lowson –[email protected]

Branchline in Action

The Branchline partnership working collectively enabled the development of a new arts festival offer for Dartington with learning disabled young artists taking the lead. Take a listen to Sound Art Radios Young Broadcasters lives reports from the event:

2017 – 2018 HEADLINES:

  • £82,135.55 non-arts match raised by year end (exceeding target by 27%)
  • 548 learning disabled young people enabled to participate (exceeding target by 4.3%)
  • 63 learning disabled young people complete their Arts Award (exceeding target by 26%)
  • Branchline provides 1643 arts participation opportunities across the year
  • The Ordinary Art Festival curated by 12 learning disabled young artists attracts an audience of 466 people and reaches 5.9K viewers on line
  • Branchline network extends across the SW with the delivery of the ORDINARY ART Seminar
  • Branchline partners/young leaders attract investment to support growth 2018 forward.


The Young Broadcasters Project with Soundart Radio has seen young people gain sponsorship from 2 local businesses to plan and create Radio Features, take a listen to their progress so far.


The Branchline partnership is working across Plymouth, Devon and Torbay.

To find out more about Branchline e-mail  [email protected]  phone 01803 861 060

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