8 week mindfulness course for Lifeworks’ parents and carers

Restore your balance - Free 8 week online mindfulness course for parents and carers of Lifeworks service users - sign up now!

8 week online mindfulness course


You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf! We know life can be tricky sometimes, and perhaps especially so during these times we are facing.  If you want to learn new ways of riding the up’s and downs and being present in all of life’s moments then our 8 week online mindfulness courses might be what you are looking for. 

In partnership with Mindful Choice we are offering an 8 week mindfulness course for parents and carers of Lifeworks service users. Please see below for more info or to download the information leaflet click here. 

The course is free for you to access. It has been funded through Devon County Council’s COVID prompt Action Fund.

The course will take place on Zoom. You will need access to a PC/Laptop and have access to an internet connection and a private space. We can help if needed – let us know. 


Mindfulness for Parents and Carers Taster Sessions


We are offering you two options to join a mindfulness taster session depending on if days or evenings work better for you. It will give you an opportunity to try the sessions out and see if you would like to join the 8 week course.

Daytime: Wednesday 30 September 10.30am-12 noon

Evening: Thursday 1 October 7pm-8.30pm


Mindfulness for Parents and Carers 8 week Course 

The course will run weekly and you have the option of whether you join for the evening of the daytime sessions. Please read the mindfulness and detailed course information towards the bottom of this page.

Daytime: Starting on Wednesday 14 October, 10.30am-12 noon. Weekly until Wednesday 2 December.

Evening: Thursday 15 October, 7pm-8.30pm. Weekly until Thursday 3 December.

Booking Information

The courses are free but we do ask that you commit to attending each session so that you can gain maximum benefit from the course. Please email [email protected] for more info and to book.

 How mindfulness can help you 

– Mindfulness can help you cope better with stress.
– Mindfulness can focus the mind, clear it of clutter and restore some balance to your hectic life.
– Mindfulness can help with parenting and relationships in general by helping you practice staying in the present moment.


What is Mindfulness

Mindfulness means deliberately paying attention to and becoming more aware of our experience: of our thoughts, feelings, and body sensations. This allows us to clearly perceive thoughts, physical sensations, emotions and events at the moment they occur without reacting in an automatic or habitual way.

By developing a new relationship with our experience, we can be more present for the good moments, and also learn new ways to respond creatively to the challenging times. Experiences don’t overwhelm us so much, and we can remain steady through life’s ups and downs.

Mindfulness isn’t a cool and detached awareness though – it’s warm, gentle, and kind. Like mindfulness, kindness has been proven to reduce levels of stress and on the course, we develop both, strengthening our muscle for kindness and mindfulness over the 8 weeks.


What will happen during the course?

During the course you will do various activities to foster mindfulness and kindness. These include formal meditation practices as well as small things you can do in the midst of your daily lives, such as doing a routine task mindfully, taking a break, slowing down a little. The formal meditation helps you to stop and check in, and the informal mindful activities are ways to extend that learning into your daily life and with those around you.

During the course you are encouraged to try out all the different practices fully, so that at the end of the course you can decide which practices work best for you.


What does the 8 week mindfulness course involve?

– 8 sessions (90 minutes) sessions conducted on Zoom
– Guided instruction in various mindfulness practices taught in a non-religious way
– ‘What I noticed’ discussion to enhance awareness in everyday life
– Discussion in pairs and small groups as well as in the larger group
– Short daily home assignments
– Audio recordings or an App on your phone and a workbook 

For more information please contact [email protected] or call 01803 840744.



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