Lucy’s September Blog

Lucy blogs in her own words about what she has been doing. From taking Totnes Pride online to Mental Health - it has been a busy month.

Totnes Pride Online

Totnes Pride event was cancelled due to COVID-19, but luckily it will be online Pride instead this year. It’s going to be held on Zoom, so I do LGBTQ+ in Lockdown at Proud2Be Youth Discussion, Eddystone trust, LGBT!+ inclusive, Sexual Health Q&A, LGBTQ+ Youth Discussion, hosted by Albert Kennedy Trust, The Experiences of Maia Thomas, Black Lives Matter, How To Be A Better Ally, a Q&A with Maia Thomas. Totnes Pride Procession Video, Drag Storytime, followed by an Arts & Crafts Session
and Totnes Pride Online HOUSE PARTY.


It was really interesting online which means I can see the people who are talking and introductions about ourselves and to see people face-to-face online on zoom. I enjoy Totnes Pride online it was interesting to see what it looks like.

Activities and Training

I was at the staff meeting for my youth club, we are planning about Autumn Term 2020, talking about my ideas and skills down for planning for youth clubs and also we are doing youth clubs at after school clubs and evening sessions. I am still involved and joined Young People’s Progress Group this month just for a couple weeks. I would like to use the youth centre but they said I had to do it from home.

Every Friday, I am working on ‘No Blocks’ online. It is a group for young people with SEND & Disabilities, I really enjoy it because I do quizzes, guess the picture and talk about themselves. I do work with Alex who runs a cafe offering work experience for people with additional needs and Jenni who runs a climbing project

Mental Health & Young People

I was finished at training for Young People’s Mental Health for the last 4 weeks. I really enjoy this training because I have learned all about Mental Health for young people, self-harm, trauma, building resilience. What we do is to talk about mental health, young people’s feelings about school, teachers and families. We also do an activity of looking at behaviours for young people so they think it is healthy, unhealthy or both. I have also met all the people from the other organisations in Devon and they are all nice and friendly. I do training on zoom because I can see the people’s faces and face-to-face to each other on zoom. I really enjoy this training because it helps me as a Youth Worker.

Hopefully this term I will show young people at the inside youth club to talk about activity behaviours so that young people can understand and learn.

I know children and young people are going back to school because of Pandemic. I know a lot of young people will be difficult and worried about what is happening at school. Some people are really nervous and feel worried going back because they
haven’t been to school since March 2020. I totally understand what happened to young people who are home-schooled or some of them are at school because some parents are key workers.

Take Time for yourself

My father has left kawasaki because he is retired. He has been working for about 7½ years. And then he is going to chill out and go for a walk and explore.

I went to Dawlish to look around town centre and the beach, also I went to visit Dawlish Garden Trust to look around and do some tours. I have been to Dawlish before the Lockdown. I went to a cafe called Le Cygne and I got a smoothie and I have had it before and I got a waffle and coffee.

I went to Exeter by myself and I went for a long walk around the quay area and after this I was exhausted when I got home I was really chilled out. I went to SIdmouth with my mum, I haven’t been there since March it was lovely to be back

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