Lockdown Jam Buddies – By Matt

Matthew, a Jam Buddy member tell us about how they are connecting on Zoom during Coronavirus Lockdown

Jam Buddies is a music group that usually takes place every week and is led by The Turning tides Project

Jam Buddies is where we play musical instruments and sing to music 

We meet in Totnes on Thursdays evenings . 

Because of COVID19 we now have to use Zoom to connect. 

 It is good because we get to see people’s faces without contact.  

It makes me happy that we can still do this. 

Songs we are doing at the moment are Lean on me, Che che cula  

and Tainted Love.  

I have played the Saxaphone, African drums and Ukulele .  

My favorite instrument is the African drums because they have a smooth beat. 

How does Jam Buddies and music make me feel?  

Jam Buddies makes me feel that I’m not alone and it makes me happy and calm. 

Music makes me feel calm and chillaxed and most importantly makes me feel happy. 

It is good for you because you can make new friends and you can play musical instruments you haven’t played before  

Future and Jam Buddies? 

I would like to meet my friends again and play more music and sing to songs and to go back to Jam buddies once this coronavirus has stopped.

For more information on Jam Buddies please contact us via [email protected] or send us a message online click here

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