January 23, 2023

Lifeworks work placements

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students geting the most out of work placements.

Lifeworks’ student work placements can provide students with learning disabilities the opportunity to develop their skills and confidence in a real-world setting, which can lead to increased independence and self-esteem. Students can explore different careers and gain valuable experience in their field of interest. Work placements can provide students with the opportunity to meet and network with others in their field, which can lead to future job opportunities. Students can gain practical experience and demonstrate their skills and abilities to potential employers. Students can learn new skills, gain new perspectives, and grow as individuals.

Aron at Greenlife Totnes

How did you get your Work placement?

“I visited Greenlife with Phil and I met the Manager and had a little interview”.

How long have you been at Greenlife ?

“I started in Sept 2022”

What is your Favourite part of the job?

“When I get there, the stock is picked for me and I put it on the shelves, I also check the dates on the products”

What have you learnt since you have been at Greenlife?

“I have learnt to work with other people in the store”

How does work experience help you?

“It will help me to find another job as I have worked in a big store”.

Do you feel part of the team?

“Yes, I do, I work with Andrea and Sarah. I have my lunch in the staffroom with the other staff”


Each of our students has their own life and work aspirations. At Lifeworks College, we support learners to explore and develop these goals. Progressing towards achieving great working lives now and in the future. We work to understand students aspirations, then assess and advise them on realistic placement options. Once identified we then look for and arrange appropriately supported work placements with local employers

Cameron at Totnes Tyres

How did you get your Work placement?

“First, I had an interview, I dressed smart in a shirt, nice shoes, and a tie. Phil got me the placement”.

How long have you been at Totnes Tyres?

“I started in September 2022”

What is your Favourite part of the job?

“I like working with my colleagues and being helpful and being part of a team”.

What have you learnt since you have been at Totnes Tyres?

“I have learnt to change tyres on cars and using the impact gun and the torque wrench”.

How does work experience help you?

“It helps me progress my knowledge on working on cars. It also helps me build a CV”

Do you feel part of the team?

“Yes, I do because I work closely with Matt who oversees my training”.

Phil Whitehurst Work Placement Coordinator

Over the years I had heard of Lifeworks but not sure what Lifeworks was about.

I have worked locally within Dartington over the years at the local primary school and Bidwell Brook school. I was having a conversation with a work colleague in a previous job whose partner worked at Lifeworks, and it was through him that I found out it was a FE college and a charity which supports students with disabilities. This really interested me; it sounded wonderful that the village of Dartington could have all these wonderful provisions in place in such a small area. When I saw the advert for the role, I am doing now I had to apply for the job and hear I am now supporting the most wonderful students into the world of work.

I get immense enjoyment from my role, just being at Lifeworks Further Education College and working alongside the students gives me a sense of pride that I am helping those that need a little extra support. Seeing the student getting settled  into their new work placement is for me is the best part of the job. Businesses can have a significant impact on the students by providing them with flexible scheduling, adjustments and to job duties, businesses can ensure that students are able to perform their job duties to the best of their ability. Additionally, by providing training to supervisors and co-workers on how to effectively communicate and work with our students. Businesses can create a more inclusive and welcoming work environment for all employees.

The preparation before the for the work placement can begin is rather straight forward. A risk assessment is completed with the employer, also a Health and Safety checks are done on the premises to make sure the employer is keeping up to date with all legislation, this also includes up to date Liability insurance.

Safeguarding and Prevent policies are then gone through with the employer so that the employer knows and understands the procedures put into place by the college . All documents are signed by both parties, each has a copy of all signed documents. The employer is left with an Employers handbook which has contact numbers and Safeguarding leads emails.

The student will be accompanied by a member of college support staff to the work placement to help support the student and employer.


We support each student with interview and workplace preparation. As well as guidance on what to expect and how to behave when they start – we strive to help them to get off to the best start. The level of support at the place of work will depend on what each individual requires.

Our students gain so much confidence from these long-term work placements. Achieving success, recognition and enjoyment are immediate results but placements also carve the path to our students best futures. Our students work hard and have a lot to offer employers during their work placements. We work to create the right match with employers so that everyone gains from the placement taking place

Thank You from Lifeworks

Lifeworks would like to express our thanks to both Greenlife and Totnes Tyres for taking on our work placement students Aron and Cameron. It is so wonderful to have local business support the students in this important way. “Peter Maule, Manager at Greenlife said, Aron is a terrific asset to the business, a real team player and always with a smile on his face. It’s also great for the staff and the local community to see at first hand the barriers that are broken down by giving students with learning difficulties the opportunity to shine”.

Richard Johns, Director at Totnes Tyres added; “Cameron started in September 2022 and has been amazing, and we love having him around. We have been working alongside Lifeworks for the past five years and it is gives us all a great sense of pride to be able to support Lifeworks Learning Disability College is such a positive way”.


Work placements can also support host employers to have a more diverse workforce. Learning goes both ways and our placements can enrich workplaces and existing employee experiences. For more information about work placement visit

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