Lifeworks Students impress with amazing videos

Lifeworks learners were asked to create a short trailer videos based on college.

Video story telling success

As part of their first week of induction the learners of Lifeworks College were introduced to the art of video making. With the help of an iPad and iMovies, the learners were asked to create a short trailer video based at college. Part of their brief was to introduce video content to new students to the college grounds. 

The learners took to the challenge very well and were certainly out to impress. The students worked in groups of three or four and shared their imaginative ideas with each other. Once they had an idea in their heads, they used the already available storyboards and set about shooting their videos. All groups used a mix of video footage and still photographs. The college premises were used as sets and backgrounds.

Once they were satisfied with their photographs and videos, they took the challenge to editing their video and piece them together. They added, changed various words within their storyline, created a title and added the credits.

Lifeworks College College Adventure Sq
Groups Shot 1
Lifeworks College Book cover sq

Watch Magical Lifeworks College Video

When it came to the premier viewing both Karen (Head of College) and Neil (Interim Deputy Head of College) were invited. Needless to say, they were awestruck with the all the videos made by our learners and were even more gobsmacked the storylines. I too was impressed with the achievements the learner made in that short period of time they had to make a video. I was even more overwhelmed on how well they all worked together. Like all us members of staff, they were equally enthralled and rather proud of themselves with the finished article

Watch Lifework College Saves the Day video

Famous 4 at Lifeworks Moment 3
Lifeworks Famous 4
Famous 4 at Lifeworks_Moment 4

Watch Famous Four at Lifeworks Video

Stuart Devlin, Lifeworks Digital Communications and Fundraising Officer, said. “These videos are excellent. Firstly, using video as a way of story telling is an area of marketing that I am passionate about. Video storytelling is a marketing tactic that uses the naturally engaging video format to tell a story about a brand, company or product. The fact that the students have created this format as a way of engaging the new students is superb. Also, the narrative and production are really top notch. Well done to all those that were involved and I think I now need to up my own game in terms of video marketing”!

About Lifeworks Specialist Further Education College

Lifeworks College exists as a bridge between school and adult life. We provide an innovative and engaging programme of personal, social and vocational learning. Our courses support personal growth through skills development and access to new opportunities, whilst building on existing foundations of learning.

We are focused on meeting the individual needs of students. Their best futures are at the heart of what we do. Our key goal as a College is to provide opportunities for learning so that students are confident and equipped to enter their adult lives with more independence and opportunity. Through the achievements they make with us and the skills they develop, they will better understand themselves and where they are headed.

We equip students with confidence across many areas; from sports to the arts as well as within themselves and with others. Students will leave Lifeworks College better equipped to lead safe, happy and fulfilled lives.

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