March 7, 2023

Lifeworks Saturday Club Get Gardening & More

The Lifeworks Saturday Group make a start on a new garden and outdoor space

Lifeworks Community Projects Garden 3

the first stage of the regeneration of the garden space

It may have been a cold Saturday, but our Lifeworks Saturday Youth Group were kept warm and busy this weekend by starting the preparations for a new garden space outside of the Lifeworks College. With the help of some fantastic and very knowledgeable and professional volunteers, whose expertise in garden landscaping was incredibly helpful. The Lifeworks Saturday Youth Group quickly and diligently started preparing the area, clearing the autumn leaves and soil away to make the space look a lot more presentable.

It was then time to start working on a wooden raised garden bed. First a health and safety brief was conducted and everyone knew their roles and responsibilities as well as the risk assessment procedures. Under the watchful guide of our professional volunteers the group all tried their hand a measuring up wood, sawing and screwing the various bits together.  

This is just the first stage of the regeneration of the garden space and with a bit more work, time, effort and good weather we look forward to sharing the progress of their hard work!

Back indoors to get creative

After lunch break it was time to get back indoors and cleaned up and then get messy again for our crafting sessions. Our wonderful Art Teacher Michelle led the Lifeworks Saturday Youth Group in making salt dough decorations.

They loved to making salt dough handprints, ornaments, flowers and sometimes, just any old shape they wanted to. It was a great and easy project that they could all do together—and then share as kid-made holiday gifts, keepsakes, or house decorations!

The Salt Dough recipe is nice and simple and for instructions on how to make salt dough visit 


Offering young people with learning disabilities a chance to make friends, experience the new, take the lead, get involved in community life and most importantly have a great time.

Our Groups runs on alternate Saturdays at Lifeworks College Lescaze Offices Shinners Bridge Totnes Tq9 6JD. Throughout the year and the seasonal programmes are chosen in advance by group members.  For more information on dates and times please visit

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