September 14, 2022

Lifeworks Night out on Dartmoor with the Rangers.

We start our community programmes with a night under the stars with the Dartmoor National Park Rangers

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Dartmoor National Park Adventure

Our Lifeworks Young Adults Saturday Social Group (YASS) spent an amazing moonlit night on Dartmoor under canvas. But first they had to trek to their destination, through muddy walkways, slippery slopes and even dodging and few cows on their way.

The group was amazing, helping and supporting each other, from putting our tents up to being there for each other when they were challenged. Once all the tents were finally put up it was ready for a much needed break and time for some hearty food. All lovely prepared and cooked by the Lifeworks YASS Group

Lifeworks Camping and Stars

Afterwards is was time for a competitive game of baseball, although it may have been rounders or even cricket! It didn’t matter either way as the group had a great time. We are still debating who the winning team was.

We also found a walk down a muddy Dartmoor lane to the river and then onto our main night walk to see a full moon and stars. It was quite a challenging walk, with some wanting to give up at times, but perseverance prevailed and they pushed themselves to do it – Feeling pride and a sense of achievement afterwards with big smiles.

We all spent a magical night in our tents, waking early for bacon sandwiches from Emily before packing up and heading home.

Thank You

Big thank you to the Dartmoor Rangers for hosting us and big praise to YASS for being a brilliant group.


Our Community Projects are co-designed by the young people themselves. Our young people should decide what their tomorrow looks like. So, with their ideas, hopes and aspirations we work with a network of local community partners to make it happen. Whether you already join us on Community Programmes or are new and interested in giving something a go – we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with us to have a chat: [email protected] or call 01803 861069

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