April 11, 2023

Lifeworks Nature Activities

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Bushcraft for the Lifeworks Easter Club

Our Easter Holiday Programme included a nature exploration day with our very own James, who has had experience as a former Royal Marine Officer. So, who better to lead the Lifeworks gang on a day of outdoor adventures. During the day they were taught about how to make their own individual outdoor bushcraft fires for cooking. Firstly, and most importantly the team had to prepare their site, free of all leaves, grass, or anything flammable. To be super safe the team used their raised flower beds and contained their individual bushcraft fires in foil tins.

It was then time for a coordinated hunt around the grounds for dry wood, small enough to be used as kindling and other larger pieces that could sustain the fire. Lucky the weather had been sunny for a few days so that the wood was already dry enough to use.

Preperation in the kitchen

At the beginning of the day, it was time well spent in the kitchen to prepare the food for cooking. The Easter team have now spent a considerable amount of time in the kitchen, and you could see them gaining so much confidence, achieving successful meals and preparation skills, all of which are immediate results but also carve a path for our club members in the future.

Holiday clubs for young people with learning disabilities

Offering young people with learning disabilities a chance to make friends, experience the new, take the lead, get involved in community life and most importantly have a great time.

Our Groups runs during Easter, Summer and Christams Holidays at Lifeworks College Lescaze Offices Shinners Bridge Totnes Tq9 6JD. Throughout the year and the seasonal programmes are chosen in advance by group members.  For more information on dates and times please contact

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