YASS (Young Adults Saturday Social) Constructor Music Project

An amazing opportunity for young people with learning disabilities to work with musicians from all over the UK.

Constuctor Music Project

 “Constructor” – This is our new music project which incorporates the two Saturday youth groups and also young people from our Holiday Programmes. It is a year-long project that will allow all those involved to create a musical art piece that can performed by not only Lifeworks young people, but also others who have an interest in being creative.  

These one-day session where all of the people involved; young people, volunteers, staff, musicians and artists can come together, learn together, agree CONSTUCTOR principles/ground rules together and most importantly; make music together.  

Moor To Sea

Led by Moor To Sea this is an amazing opportunity for young people with learning disabilities to work with musicians from all over the UK. Moor To Sea practitioners are experienced in facilitating music-making sessions that are accessible and include everyone, promote developing skills and follow the interests of the young people – our “co-creators”. Together, some incredible work and forward-looking projects have emerged, each phase building on the last, as we see the young people becoming more skilled in co-creating music together

For more information on this collaborative partnership visit: MoorToSeaMusic.org.uk/lifeworks-project/

Hear from our Young Adults

Niamh: “There are no limits! We can do what we want and make it as loud as we want.”  

Tommy: “I didn’t know what Constructor meant. But after I talked it through with my friends at YASS I realised that it could be many things. It can mean a song writer, a composer and even the people who are making the music. We can all take part.”  

Lifeworks Yass Electric Guitar

Joseph: “I had a go on an electric guitar. I’ve never done that before. It was fun making lots and lots and lots of noise!”

Lifeworks YASS Community Projects

Lucy: “I like the idea of something that lasts more than just one week. This is a project that I can do with my friends. We are going to create something wonderful that my friends and family are going to be so proud of me for doing.”

Lifeworks Community YASS

Whether you already join us on Community Programmes or are new and interested in giving something a go – we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with us to have a chat: [email protected] or call 01803 861069  

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