January 15, 2024

Lifeworks Half-Term Holiday Programme

10amto3pm Monday12thFebruarytoThursday15February

Lifeworks Programme Details

Our Young Adults Holiday Programme are for 11yrs – 30yr olds includes, is split into three age groups. Which consists of a rich and varied programme of recreational, leisure and arts activities that give participants the chance to enrich and extend their experience—developing a sense of community, belonging and independence that lasts far beyond the holidays.


The cost will be £80 per day (on a shared staff ratio 1:4)

Dates and Timings

The Lifeworks Half-Term Holiday Programme run from Monday 12th February to Thursday 15th February. 10am to 3pm

Contact Details

Please contact or call 01803 865075 to book or for more information.

Valentines Crafts/Cooking – Mon 12 Feb


The day will feature an array of engaging and hands-on crafting projects that celebrate the spirit of Valentine’s Day. From creating personalized cards adorned with vibrant colours and heartfelt messages to crafting charming decorations, participants will have the opportunity to express their creativity while learning new skills.

Ski Slope Plymouth – Tue 13 Feb

Lifeworks half-term holiday programme 1

Plymouth Ski Slope will transform into a playground of dreams, where every twist and turn on the toboggan run and every laughter-filled ride on the snow tubes will create memories that will last a lifetime.

The day promises to be filled with the joy of new adventures and the warmth of shared moments.

Berry Head/Shoalstone Beach – Wed 14 Feb

Lifeworks half-term holiday programme 2

Lifeworks Half Term Holiday Group is thrilled to announce an exciting and immersive day at Berry Head and Shoalstone Beach, promising a unique blend of adventure, learning, and outdoor fun for participants. Lifeworks encourages teamwork and social interaction as participants engage in beach games, sandcastle building, and other recreational pursuits.

Wildwood Devon – Thurs 15 Feb

Lifeworks community project spring 2022

Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Devon countryside, Wildwood is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, promising an enchanting blend of education, adventure, and hands-on exploration. To enhance the learning experience, Lifeworks incorporates educational workshops and nature-based activities throughout the day

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