Lifeworks final performance of the Constructor project

In collaboration with Moor To Sea Music Collective, Dartington Trust, local musicians and instrumentalists from the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

Lifeworks shine at Dartington Great Hall

On Monday 25th July Lifeworks Young Adults  performed at the Dartington Great Hall as part of their final performance of their Constructor Project. The project run by Moor to Sea Music Collective has been exploring the contribution that young people with learning disabilities make working alongside musical peers and engaging with professional musicians as co-creators. We have been wondering what might happen if traditional power models are disrupted and what lessons we might all learn. The end result was a truly magical performance that stunned the audience with its quality, beauty, serenity and a wonderful array of sounds and tempo.

Lifeworks Youth Group - Morris Dancers
Lifeworks Community Group Totnes

Ruth Molins is a professional flautist said; “It was so exciting to perform in the final performance of the Constructor project today at Dartington. This was the culmination of a year’s work by young people who attend Lifeworks college – two large ensemble pieces composed, performed and conducted by the young people. The first piece was ‘Summer-set’ and the second was ‘(Escaping the) square box’. It was great to play alongside them”!

Musical Performances

Our young people have thoroughly enjoyed their time rehearsing with many musicians and artists and learning how to create music. Led by Moor To Sea Music Collective this is was an amazing opportunity for young people with learning disabilities to work with musicians from all over the UK. Moor To Sea practitioners are experienced in facilitating music-making sessions that are accessible and include everyone, promote developing skills and follow the interests of the young people – our “co-creators”. Together, some incredible work and forward-looking projects have emerged, each phase building on the last, as we see the young people becoming more skilled in co-creating music together.

A special thank you

The event was attended was by many families, friends. Carers, volunteers and Lifeworks staff. Christian Jenkins, Chair of Lifeworks College Governance Committee and Trustee mentioned; “It was an amazing performance, very powerful and moving. Seeing and hearing what the young people have achieved reinforces all of the values and ethos of the Lifeworks Charity. I would also like to thank all of those musicians who have contributed their skills and time as well as all our partners in this inspiring project”

Lifeworks Youth Group – Conga
Lifeworks youth group fruit lunch 2
Lifeworks College Admissions
Lifeworks Youth Group - DJ Sound Lab Dancing


Our Community Projects are co-designed by the young people themselves. Our young people should decide what their tomorrow looks like. So, with their ideas, hopes and aspirations we work with a network of local community partners to make it happen. Whether you already join us on Community Programmes or are new and interested in giving something a go – we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with us to have a chat: [email protected] or call 01803 861069

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