May 24, 2023

Lifeworks continued sponsorship of Devon Tourism Awards


Lifeworks charity sponsor accessibility and inclusivity category at the Devon Tourism Awards

We are delighted to announce our continued sponsorship and support for the Devon Tourism Awards 2023/24 for the accessibility and inclusivity category. Lifeworks Digital Marketing Officer, Stuart Devlin, said,” Our vision at Lifeworks work is to support young people with learning disabilities to have great lives and the same opportunities as others. By sponsoring the accessibility and inclusivity category Devon Tourism Awards not only are we are able to raise awareness to a wider audience of the important work the charity is involved in, but importantly recognise those Devon tourism businesses who are providing truly memorable visitor experiences for everyone, particularly those with accessibility and learning disability requirements”

At Lifeworks we believe in the rights of all individuals with a learning disability, however complex, to receive the services and support they need to develop the skills and confidence to reach their full potential. Since our beginnings over 22 years ago we have seen a vast improvement in accessibility and inclusion across many services and sectors, but none more so with in the South West tourism industry. 

With our Specialist Further Education College, Community Projects, child & adult residential careshort breaks and holiday projects that give young people with learning diisabilities in Devon the chance to make and meet up with friends, improve their health, try new activities. We have seen at first-hand how so many tourism businesses in Devon have become more accessible and inclusive.

What is also noticeable is how awareness and provisions have grown around disabilities that have “invisible” impairments (such as cognitive, mental health, autism, and other learning disabilities) that may not be, unlike wheelchair users, immediately obvious just by looking at them.

Accessible tourism is worth an estimated £15.3 billion a year in the UK

Visit Britain mentions “one in five people in the UK have an impairment, which may affect where they choose to stay or visit. Improving your accessibility benefits all customers and does not always require major or expensive changes – simply providing a free Accessibility Guide for your venue can help you be more inclusive for people with a wide range of visible and hidden impairments”

Advice and guidance for autistic people.

Advice and guidance on holidays aims to make going on holiday an easier and less stressful experience for autistic people. Planning a holiday can be exciting for everybody, but there can be extra things to consider if you are autistic or travelling with your autistic child. For more information, guidance and practical advice visit

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