Lifeworks Constructor Easter Holiday Project

Lifeworks Constructor Easter Holiday Project completed a very busy four days packed with fun, creativity and music.

“The harp sounded like I was swimming through water.”

Lifeworks young people have now completed a very busy four days packed with fun, creativity and music.

Our young people have thoroughly enjoyed their time spent at The Space, Dartington, in Studio One, working with many musicians and artists and learning how to create music. Then a day trip to The Tate St Ives allowed everyone to explore the arts further and to see how music and paintings can mix together to create something fantastic. This was proven on our return to the studio the next day when we interpreted the journey, paintings and sculptures that we had seen into a piece of music.
It’s been a busy four days, but the Constructor Project has moved on as we head towards its final completion in July – so there is still more to do as part of their summer community programme.

Lifeworks Youth Group Conductor 2022
Lifeworks Youth Group Conductor 2022
Lifeworks Family Fun Day
Lifeworks Family Fun Day

Lifeworks Young people

Our lifeworks constructor musicians played it their way, exploring playing instruments in different ways, blending sounds and working together to create moods with music.

Tommy: “This is the second time that I have played the clarinet. I think I have got better at it. Rachael taught me how to hold the clarinet properly – I had to keep my head up all the time.”
Louis: “I had a go at beat-boxing – I sounded really cool.”

Charlotte: “I like being a part of dad’s band – spectrum. Today I was able to play as part of the constructor project in front of everyone else along with my dad and the rest of the band. It was a very special moment for me. I will remember it for a long time to come.”

 Thank you the Tate St ives

Day three was a trip to the Tate St Ives. It was a two hour journey each way, but spirits were high.

Ori:the colours behind me are swirly and magical It makes me feel like dancing. I enjoyed being able to be a piece of artwork myself.”
Abbie: “I had a go at painting a piece of silky material as part of a weaving exhibit. I was interested to watch that when I added water the different colours would run into each other to create a beautiful effect.”
Tommy: “I thought the Tate was cool. The building was an old power station – it looked great ! There was a viewing gallery all the way around. I could look at porthmore beach all day. We went there to have our lunch and I even had a big chocolate ice-cream. It was a good end to the day.”

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