Lifeworks College Remote Education Provision

Information on Lifeworks College remote education offer

What are Students Learning at Home?

All Lifeworks College students are being supported by College staff to complete work at home with the support of their parents/carers.

Whilst learning remotely students are also participating in staff-supported conversations regarding ‘Word of the Day’ and a weekly quiz and weekly ‘themed’ activities whilst completing DofE Skills and Physical sections of the Award.

Students are completing work to enhance their key skills knowledge as well as support their work and independence skills.

All students have ‘at home’ ILP targets.

Whilst remote learning and lockdown is in place no students will be participating in work placements.

How do Students Access and Participate in Learning at Home?

Students have individualised, innovative timetables which include a combination of paper and internet-based work supporting learning they are or have completed in College.

College staff are supporting students and their parents/carers to use a range of resources to complete work which includes internet-accessible devices and online links.

Lifeworks College is also, with the support of parents/carers using a safe, secure, live video platform for interaction with students if they wish.

Expectations of Students:

Students are expected to complete 20 hours a week of learning which fits around the support that parents/carers can offer and with the support of daily contact from an identified member of College staff.

What Support is Available to Students?

Students have access to individualised staff support via phone/email/video call throughout the day.
Students who prefer have their work sent to them in ‘hard-copy’.

Student work is assessed by teachers on a weekly basis.

What Parental Support is Available?

The Teacher in Charge is the named contact for all parents/carers and any concerns they have.

Parents can also contact the ‘named’ College member of staff to talk about work set.

Students Accessing Therapies?

Students who access counselling have individual arrangements to continue these sessions.

How will student engagement and progress be monitored?

Insert details on checking methods, e.g. schedule of phone calls, follow-up when students have not attended/engaged as expected, parent role in providing feedback, methods of reviewing students’ work and providing feedback to them.

You may want to note that you will be continuing as far as possible to use existing progress-tracking methods/tools with which students (and parents) are already familiar.

For more information:

Phone: 01803 865075

Email: [email protected]

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