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Lifeworks College students are involved in a number of projects at the Forest School

Lifeworks College students continue to plant

Lifeworks College students are carrying out a number of projects at  the Forest School. We thought it would be nice to tell you about our most recent gardening projects.
Our first project is the Hügelkultur technique, a centuries-old way of building a garden bed using rotten logs and plant debris. Hügelkultur is German for ‘Raised Garden Beds’ or ‘Hill Culture’.

Lifeworks Youth Group Conductor 2022

Lifeworks Garden rhubarb planting

Our Lifeworks college students also continue to plant various vegetables that they can grow, harvest and then cook on an open fire.  The students have a real sense of enjoyment and pride in planting their own produce. Here you can see one of our green fingered students planting out some rhubarb.  

Lifeworks Garden 

Lifeworks Keyhole garden

Another gardening project that we hope to start in the new academic year is the build of a Keyhole Garden. We are in the process of gathering all the necessary materials to start the build and once it’s ready, we’ll start planting various fruit and vegetables. This will be another exciting project for the students to broaden their experiences within the woodland. As soon as we have photographs of the Keyhole Garden, we will be more than delighted to share them with you. 


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If you are interested in joining us at Lifeworks College, please contact the College at any time. We will be happy to give you further information and support on applying. For more information please visit our Lifeworks College page.

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