November 24, 2023

Lifeworks College Christmas Card Competition Winners Revealed!

Lifeworks Christmas Card 2023 2

Five standout Christmas Card designs

In the heart of festive cheer, Lifeworks College recently held its annual Christmas card competition, an event that not only sparks creativity but also embodies the spirit of giving. The competition, open to students, yielded an array of remarkable entries, each a testament to the talent thriving within the Lifeworks community.

Out of the multitude of submissions, five standout designs were chosen as winners. Among the winners, Lewis’s design emerged as the overall champion, earning the prestigious spot as the main feature on Lifeworks College’s Charity Christmas card. Lewis’s creation encapsulates the holiday spirit, blending artistic finesse with the warmth of the season.

Buying Lifeworks College Christmas Cards

The remaining four winning designs have not been overlooked. Lifeworks College has brought them to life, and they are now available for purchase. These delightful Christmas cards, crafted by the talented students, are not just a celebration of artistry but also contribute to a noble cause.

For those eager to spread the joy and make a meaningful impact, the remaining four winning Lifeworks College’s Christmas cards are available for purchase. Interested buyers can contact the college’s administration to acquire these limited-edition cards. Priced at £4.50 per pack, each set includes eight cards featuring two distinct designs, a perfect addition to your holiday greetings.

Totnes Christmas Market

But that’s not all! Lifeworks College is taking the festive spirit to the Totnes Christmas Market on Thursday, December 12th and 19th. Visitors can grab these unique cards, making their holiday greetings extra special while supporting the incredible talents of Lifeworks students.

By purchasing these Christmas cards, you not only share the joy of the season but also contribute to the Lifeworks College community. Join us in spreading warmth, creativity, and goodwill this holiday season. Let your cards carry a message of hope, artistry, and the true essence of Christmas.

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