Hear from one our Lifeworks college students and parents

"Lifeworks is a tremendous learning disability charity"

What did you like best about LIfeworks College?

“There are a number of different things that I like about Lifeworks College. I enjoy the travel training and catching the bus to and from college, which has been really useful. I have been using the bus for 2 years now, with the help from my support worker and it has helped me with my confidence.

I also like the art and painting and we are currently creating some new Christmas cards. I can’t tell you what design I am making, because it’s a secret! However, I am using a number of different art effects to decorate my card, including paint and card. in fact, there’s not much I haven’t used. I am also really excited about decorating the Lifeworks College Christmas tree soon with lots of tinsel, baubles and lights.”

Can you tell me about your teachers?

“Ha! The teachers are a nightmare, because they tell you what to do! I’m only joking they are brilliant. Annette is my teacher and she has helped me with travel training and also with horse-riding which was a brilliant experience and lots of fun too.”

Tell me about your work placements at college?

“Yes, I have had two work placements. My last one was working at a local shop. There were many different things to do and it helped me to gain new experiences and skills outside of college.”

What would you say to someone thinking of coming to Lifeworks College?

“It’s really enjoyable and there is nothing to be sacred of, it’s great. There is lots to do and learn as well as being fun and varied. It’s helped me with my confidence and I am really happy here. It would be great in the future to work at Lifeworks”

A view from the parent

“Lifeworks is a tremendous learning disability charity and our daughter attends the college five days a week. One of the most impressive characteristics of the Lifeworks College and Lifeworks in general is how the charity encompasses all aspects of our daughter’s educational, health and social care, needs all under one roof.

It enables her to be as independent as she can possibly be and out of all the special needs organisations we have been involved with, Lifeworks is head and shoulders above anyone else. We have seen her confidence grow and it is heart-warming to see how settled she is. Sometimes it is easy to forget how far our daughter has come and it’s only when we look back we can see how much she has progressed.

As parents, one of the most important factors that we have noticed about Lifeworks is how well informed we are kept about the charity. Lifeworks are always talking to us and your communication with the parents is the best that we have seen.”

Lifeworks College admissions

If you are interested in joining us at Lifeworks College, please contact the College at any time. We will be happy to give you further information and support on applying. For more information please visit our Lifeworks College page.

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