September 2022 Admissions


As a specialist college for young people (16-25) with learning disabilities we know how important it is to choose the most suitable further education setting for each student’s needs. 

With post -16 transition meetings now underway for 16+ school leavers we are having conversation with families, carers and schools to give you insight into Lifeworks College in Dartington. Please let us know you want to find out more about what Lifeworks College offers and we will be in touch. 

At Lifeworks College our key goal is to provide options for learning so that students aged 16-25 are confident and equipped to enter their adult lives with increased independence and opportunity.

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Email us for more information on or call 01803 865 075

BBC Radio NewsListen back now

Thank you to BBC Radio Devon for the brilliant introduction to Lifework services and volunteering. If you missed it and want to listen back you will find all the links below:

Sarah-Jane (Lifeworks) 1hr 46min
Maisie & Zoe (SUP) 1hr 28min

Kat Lacy (Lifeworks) 1hr 26min
Richard Crompton (Trustee) 1hr 27min
Matt (Young Volunteer) & Helen 1hr 26min
Lisa (Mercer Volunteer) 1hr 26min
Ken (volunteer) 1hr 26min


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