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On this page you will be able to download our 2021 monitoring visit report and our 2020 Safeguarding report from Ofsted.

The Lifeworks College 2021 Ofsted report highlights


Improved confidence & communication

“Learners enjoy and want to attend college. Families see rapid improvements in learners’ self-confidence, communication skills and behaviours”

Ofsted 2021



Tailored curriculum

“Managers tailor the curriculum effectively for each learner by selecting additional
vocational subjects to support them to achieve their individual goals.”

Ofsted 2021



extensive work experience

“Managers have developed very effective working relationships with local employers
to provide constructive work experience for learners. The placements help learners
to find work in their local communities after college.”

Ofsted 2021



Family support

“Managers work and communicate effectively with learners’ families on a day-to-day
basis. Families rightly feel very well supported by the college.”

Ofsted 2021


"Learners improve their independent working skills and social behaviours during their work placements and community activities. Learners value the new skills they are learning and understand how these skills will support them to achieve their goals. For example, they learn how to travel more independently and cook their own meals. "

Ofsted 2021

Lifeworks College Ofsted reports

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