Extraordinary Young People

We believe a bright future lies ahead for the young people we work with. Where having a learning disability should not stop you from following your own path and interests.

Extraordinary Young People or EYP as it is known, offers support, training and work skills opportunities for young people with learning disabilities aged 14 and over. It is also a pathway which helps young people to move towards areas of personal vocational interest to them. For some it is sport, others it has been catering, animation or pottery.


Increasing work skills and opportunities

We have lots of young people who are full of ideas and enthusiasm for what they want to do and how they want to do it. With these ideas, we provide a platform across our Community Projects for them to test their ideas out. We provide support to help turn the ideas into reality. In a safe environment, helped by specialist staff we assist these Extraordinary Young People to take the lead.

Help you to follow your own path

EYP is designed and developed with the young people’s voices at its heart. The projects are for them and led by them – promoting confidence, participation, leadership and self-esteem. The support team work to remove barriers to joining in and create opportunities for everyone to take part and gain skills.

On joining EYP you will get a mentor who will work with you to think about your hopes for the future. They will look at what you enjoy, what you feel you are good at and what you don’t enjoy. 

We will help you to:

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Follow your vocational interest

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Learn work skills through volunteering

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Champion your ideas

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Connect with and inspire other young people

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Make a difference in your community

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Have your voice heard

How we will support you on EYP

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£1,000 vocational training budget

To help with providing more opportunities for your learning

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40 hours of mentor support

Via group and individual sessions to help you grow your ideas

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Volunteering Experience

Volunteering experience within our Community Projects

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variety of Projects

Take the lead in the arts, sport, cooking, film, music or come up with your own ideas!

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Accessible training

Specialist support staff are on hand providing accessible training to help you learn in a way that works for you

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A fun and supportive team

A supportive team environment where we work at your pace

How to join EYP

EYP is open to young people under 18 years of age. We just need an agreement from you that you want to take part and can be available for projects with the support of your family.

EYP warmly welcomes the participation of non-disabled young people wanting to help make your community more inclusive – so please get in touch.

EYP Arts and film

Our Extraordinary Young People have shown an interest and talent in the arts and film making. We have listened to this and worked with them to develop and produce inclusive arts festivals as well as lots of insightful films and animations. To view some pieces please see below. 

Building connections 

A film exploring loneliness

You are Not alone Luke

An animation created for the OE Arts Festival

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