Safe-Space Online

A Safe-Space platform of free online activities for people with learning disabilities to connect with each other, take part in a range of interactive sessions and have fun.



Online Activities for People with Learning Disabilities

Safe-Space Online is a platform where you can safely connect with other people online with Lifeworks specialist staff on hand to support you. The programme of activities is put together to help you Get Together, Get Active, Get Creative and Get Involved.

You can find out more about Safe-Space below and download the latest programme. For more information including details on how to sign up please contact the Community Projects team – we would love to hear from you! 

Join in activities online

Safe-Space is a safe and supportive online platform to connect with other young people whilst taking part in varied and fun activities. We work with local, specialist delivery partners to run incredible sessions that are overseen by Lifeworks support staff at all times. 

Safe-Space is available in the evenings and weekends. During times of increased social distancing we will offer more activities to support and help everyone through tougher times.

Safe-Space will help you 

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Get Together online

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Get Active

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Get Creative

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Get Involved

The type of activities on safe-space

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Music is good for the soul! From drumming and instrument making to discos and jamming . Join one of our online music sessions and let the rhythm and tunes flow.

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Getting people moving is an important part of Safe-Space activities. We have circuits, yoga, Zumba, dance and even hula-hopping. You’ll be having so much fun you won’t even realise you’re working out!

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Cooking and making food is fun and the best part is you get to eat what you create at the end. From smoothies and stir-frys to meatballs and chilli. The receipes we show you how to make are easy, healthy and tasty.

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All of the activities on Safe-Space have been designed to help you feel good. However, sometimes our minds and emotions need a little bit of extra-special care. Mindfulness, counselling or simply connecting with friends online can all help you to feel better.

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Safe-Space art sessions help you to express yourself whilst creating and making. From making art with materials found in nature to showing how you feel through dance. Art is a way to learn more about yourself as you make wonderful creations.

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Vlogs, Blogs and making Podcasts. Our specialist digital partners have worked with Safe-Space users to help them learn new skills and have their voices heard. The online activities also help to build your confidence in the digital world we live in.

How to Join Safe-Space

 Safe-Space is free and open to people in South Devon with a learning disability. When you  want to join Safe-Space there is a little bit of paperwork that we will need you to complete and return to sign up.

All Safe-Space activities take place online which can be accessed through a smartphone, tablet or computer. If you need any help with getting online in this way please get in touch to talk to us.

Lifeworks warmly welcomes people to take part in Safe-Space – both those who are new to us and others who we already know. Please get in touch with us about joining in – we’d love to hear from you. 





Safe Space helped me keep connected with people I wasn’t seeing in real life.

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I like Safe-Space because some of the activities keep you fit and some of them make you want to dance. At the beginning of lockdown I was devastated and a little bit angry because I didn’t get to see anyone.We had to stay inside all the time and not go out. I was able to go out with my dog but I was afraid and didn’t do it till May. I did lots of the activities—cooking, mindfulness, arts, creative dance, stamina workshops, drumming, yoga—all of it! I was buddied up with Nina and it helped a lot, we zoomed and chatted, asking questions and finding out what she was doing every day. It made me feel confident and I made her laugh which feels good. She is now my friend. I’d tell people to give it a try because if you haven’t done it before you won’t know if you like it until you try it. Do your best, it doesn’t matter if you make a mistake you can just do it again until you get it right. There are lots of people to help you succeed.

 Matt –  Peer Volunteer


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CoronavirusSocial distancing guidelines mean that Lifeworks services may be subject to change or not running as they usually do
Keeping people safe is always our top priority. We will run services in the usual way if we feel it is safe to do so or if we are advised not to by central and local Government. We are currently offering short-breaks at our Robins children's service. We are also getting set to run in-person short breaks at weekends and during the holidays with our Youth and Holiday Bubbles. Our Community Projects team continue to offer a varied programme of online activities via our platform, Safe-Space. Whatever social distancing measures are in place over the coming months, we will endeavour to offer engaging activities for everyone via this channel. Please continue to find out more about our services and get in touch with us to discuss them at any time. Email [email protected] or call 01803 840 744
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