Autumn Safe-Space

A Safe-Space platform of online activities for people with learning disabilities to connect with each other and have fun.

 Autumn Safe-Space

A safe-space for you to connect with your friends, learn new skills and try something new. Safe-Space workshops are moderated by the Lifeworks Community Program team. You can read more about Safe-Space by clicking here.

Safe-Space will be there for you whatever happens. If we go back into Lockdown we will bring all our workshop leaders online to bring you a day time programme but for now..

Inside Safe-Space you’ll find a range of activities in the evenings and at the weekend to help you and your family:

  • Get Active
  • Get Involved
  • Get Creative
  • Get Together

See below or click here to download the current programme 


Time Monday Wednesday Thursday Saturday
AM 10.00-11.00 Mindfulness for Parents & Carers 

11am: Mindfulness – Live Stream (starting 3 October)


PM 5pm: Creative Movement with Dance on Devon  5pm: Cooking with Chef T 5pm: Music Making with Moor to Sea 

1pm: Keep fit with Sophie C – Live Stream 


2pm: Lockdown Disco with  Mark T 

EVE 7pm:BtB Stamina Challenge with Lift-the-lid   7pm: Ways of Seeing Art Workshop with Rowan G  7-9.30pm: Mindfulness for Parents & Carers 



 Safe-Space Workshop Leaders

Get Active:

BtB Stamina Workout with Lift the Lid. Lift the Lid CIC Director, Matt Jefferies, has always had a passion for helping to lift the lid on the potential of young people, especially anyone deemed to have ‘special educational needs’. With Matt on a Tuesday evening you’ll get a warm up and warm down and the chance to choose from a carousel of physical activity:  Circuit training, Hula hoop, Zumba and Jogging. All to help you stay active over the winter.

Fitness Instructor, Sophie Carr is going to take us through our moves every Saturday – the following classes will run in rotation:

  • Yoga: Balances, strength poses and flow sequences. Zumba: A fun and energetic dance session great for staying fit and strong
  • Hula-hoop: Helps you get strong and improve coordination. If you haven’t got a hoop Sophie can make you one

Get Involved

Meet Jem and Emma Safe-Space Mindfulness Trainers. Mindfulness has many benefits, it may help you focus, feel happier, and more at ease. It can also help you manage your worries and could help you sleep. Jem and Emma will be running their sessions as a course, so you sign up for an 8-week course and learn a different mindfulness skill each week. Emma and Jem would love to meet you, teach you some mindfulness practices and have some fun!

Get Creative

Ways of Seeing Art Workshop with artist, Rowan Gatherer. Rowan will be using a variety of creative techniques from drawing to painting, collage to sculpture, to explore our different ways of seeing and connecting with nature, each other and our landscapes around us.

Creative Movement with Kay Crook, Artistic Director of Chhaya collective: Kay uses contemporary dance to reach out and discover collaborative ways of working. “Each collaboration may challenge, surprise or shock, it can allow us to discover and overcome boundaries, to play and manipulate the borders of our art form and our culture, it can allow us to see for the first time things that we may otherwise overlook.”

Music making with Moor to Sea Music Collective: “Music is for everyone”
That’s what Debs and Rachel, Moor to Sea Founders, believe and that’s what they have dedicated a lot of their time to making so. Come and explore music-making with an expert.

Get Together

Mark Thorneywork AKA Chef T and DJ Mark T for the now infamous LOCKDOWN DISCO: “It makes me happy to work with young people, I love their honesty and energy. I myself like to try and keep fit, get outside in the great outdoors, love Leeds United and follow them passionately and I LOVE TO COOK, after training many years ago as a chef before I became a Youth Worker. Life can be such fun and injustice should always be challenged. Remember you cannot fail if you do not give up – I am dyslexic and face challenges everyday but will not fail although it might take me a bit longer.”  

For more information or to register to take part in Safe-Space please email: [email protected] or call 01803 861 069


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