A Young Volunteer’s Lockdown Blog – Part II

Lucy, a Young Volunteer on our Extraordinary Young People project talks in her words about life in lockdown

May 2020

I was looking forward to watch Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Rotterdam this year, but it has been cancelled due to COVID-19 and I was really disappointed. Luckily, I watch Eurovision Live in the past every Saturday at the moment. I hopefully I have to watch Eurovision 2020 on Live on YouTube. Eurovision Song Contest didn’t win this year because it’s no competition – which is a shame. Most Eurovision artists will be representing same country again next year and I hopefully see you there.

Early this month I had sad news, Totnes Pride has been cancelled this year due to COVID-19 – which is a real shame. Hopefully Totnes Pride will be Online but I have never done online pride before and what’s seeing when it’s interesting about Online Totnes Pride this year. Hopefully the Pride will be next year.

I have been studying GCSE Maths online which is good so I have a get better so it brain’s stop working but I’m alright with Maths, Which it’s good because it helps me for a job and also learn new skills what have I done before.

From 18th – 24th May 2020 it’s Mental Health Awareness week. Mental Health is really important because it shows you how your mental health. I had a good mental health because I am feeling good and positive. I have made stress putty because it helps me to get away from anxiety and stressful.

I had my jogging because it’s a good exercise and go for a walks around where I live. I am so happy because it was to get out of Totnes so I can go different places only for cars not public transport at the moment due to lockdown

I have joined Mindfulness with LifeWorks because it was really good and I met Emma and Jem and they are both really nice because it teaches me how to show Mindfulness. I need to show and teach young people about Mindfulness.

I have done couple of trainings at space* with Community Youth Workers so what have I learn is Youth Work Essentials, Session Planning and Communication and Building Relationships – which is really good.

I am enjoying cooking a vegetable soup, pancakes, chicken curry, scones, cupcakes and microwave mug cake so it will helps me so I can learn and show young people.

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CoronavirusDue to the social distancing measures of Coronavirus not all of Lifeworks services are running as they usually do.

Our residential services, Robins and Sesame, continue to run and have provided a safe home for the residents. Unfortunately, we have had to stop the short stay service at Robins for the time being. Our specialist College was closed for the Easter holidays but has now re-opened for a small number of students. Community Projects’ in-person services have been put on hold but the team have been very creative, launching Safe-Space a new online platform to provide a much-needed service to young people who are feeling isolated at home.

We are still working our way through these times where there is uncertainty and we are responding to guidance and instruction as information is sent to us. We look forward to the time when we can re-instate all of our services but the safety and wellbeing of our service users, families and staff is our top priority always.

Please continue to find out more about our services and get in touch with us to discuss them at any time. Email [email protected] or call 01803 840 744

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