January 8, 2024

A Heart-warming Gesture for Lifeworks Charity

Estate Agents Totnes | Luscombe Maye

Luscombe Maye Estate Agents Totnes

In the town of Totnes, community spirit and generosity took centre stage as Luscombe Maye Estate Agents Totnes orchestrated a heart-warming fundraising initiative to support Lifeworks charity. Going above and beyond the call of duty, the team at Luscombe Maye Totnes demonstrated their commitment to making a positive impact by raising over £500 for a cause close to their hearts.

The initiative took shape in the form of a meticulously organized raffle held at the historic Cott Inn in Dartington. The grand prize? A delectable £150 meal, enticing locals to participate and contribute to a meaningful cause. The Cott Inn, with its rustic charm and warm ambiance, provided the perfect backdrop for the fundraising event.

Community members enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to both enjoy a potential dining experience and support Lifeworks, a charity dedicated to providing opportunities and support for individuals with learning disabilities. The event not only showcased the generosity of local businesses like Luscombe Maye but also highlighted the power of collaboration in making a positive impact on the community.

The success of the raffle was not a standalone achievement for Luscombe Maye. During the Totnes Christmas market, the estate agents continued their charitable endeavours, raising additional funds for Lifeworks. Engaging with the festive spirit of the season, the team set up a booth at the market, interacting with locals and spreading awareness about the vital work Lifeworks undertakes.

The Totnes Christmas market

The Totnes Christmas market proved to be an ideal platform for Luscombe Maye to connect with the community on a personal level. Their dedication to the cause shone through as they encouraged market-goers to contribute to the charity and make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

The synergy between Luscombe Maye Estate Agents Totnes and Lifeworks is a testament to the positive impact businesses can have on their local communities when they prioritize social responsibility. By fostering partnerships with charities and actively participating in community events, Luscombe Maye has set an inspiring example for businesses looking to make a meaningful difference beyond their professional realms.

In conclusion, the story of Luscombe Maye Estate Agents Totnes raising over £500 for Lifeworks charity is one that warms the heart and inspires others to follow suit. Their commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of those in need reflects the true spirit of community and exemplifies the transformative power of collective goodwill.

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