A brilliant day for Lifeworks Youth Group at Common Flora

It was great to see all staff and young people so actively involved

“The activities for the Lifeworks youth group were perfect “

We were blessed with good weather and our facilitator for the day, Susannah, really got what our group was all about. She encouraged, gave space where needed and wasn’t stressed if we needed a bit more time just rolling around on the grass flattening all the big clumps !

Lifeworks Youth Group Conductor 2022
Lifeworks Youth Group Conductor1 2022

Lifeworks Youth group get busy

The activities that Susannah put together for us were perfect. The range included making flower headbands: bee pom-poms; clay hedgehogs; butterfly and insect colouring sheets; insect spotting sheets; wood and wool butterflies; and planting seeds. Susannah’s greatest quality was that she wasn’t precious about what the young people did, or didn’t do. “Let them drop in and out of the activities as they choose to”, was her opening statement. As a result, every young person was involved in something for the full four hours that we spent there.

Quotes from young people

Kayne: “I was scared to jump on the clumps of grass at first. There could have been some creepy-crawlies in there ! But Susannah showed me how to do it. Now I am an Olympic champion at Bum-Squashing-Grass !”

Ruby: “Making a flower headband was great fun. I put primroses and grape hyacinths on mine. It made me look so beautiful that I wanted to make my friend, Skye, one as well. We both looked beautiful.”

Morgan:I planted some seeds. I wasn’t keen at first until I read on the seed packet that my sunflowers are going to grow over three metres tall – wow ! That’s taller than my mum !”


community support

Our team of staff – Janie, Chris, Ashleigh and Ed – worked fantastically with Susannah in giving our lifeworks young people a day to remember Thank you so much to everyone at Common Flora.

Whether you already join us on Community Programmes or are new and interested in giving something a go – we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with us to have a chat: [email protected] or call 01803 861069

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