Lifeworks College: Social Enterprise Report

Hi everyone!

I’m Bryn and I’m a part time student at Lifeworks College in Dartington in Devon. For a few months, I’ve worked towards achieving the Silver L2 Social Enterprise Award.

For the award, I organised an activity which involved card making to raise money for a mental health charity called YoungMinds, which helps improve the quality of mental health for children and young adults across the UK.

I researched the positive steps for mental health by using the internet and creating a mind-map showing and connecting all the steps together. These steps include doing something creative, asking for help, relaxing, keeping in touch with friends and so forth.

One day, I gathered a few students around the table with the resources available for the activity. I explained to them what the activity was and why I’ve organised it. I explained in the easiest way possible what mental health was by saying that it’s about how strong and healthy your mind is. The stronger the mind, the more happier one will be and we can make ourselves happy by opening up about how we feel, asking for help if we need it and by socialising with friends.

I collected the money and donated to YoungMinds. I made £27.48 income and my total expenses were £9.11 to work out my profit, I subtracted the expenditure from the income. I made £17.89 profit to give to YoungMinds, who are “developing a programme so that children, young people and their families can all have their say when it comes to the mental health system”

Everyone had a great time in making cards for friends and family. The social interactions flourished in the activity which highlighted some of the steps for positive mental health.

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