Young Film Makers Seeking Performers & Production Team

A group of young film makers age 16-20 from Torbay and South Devon, facilitated by Lifeworks Community Projects have been working with Artist Ed Jobling from Forkbeard Fantasy and Calling the Shots production company since October 2016 to decide if and how they want to work together as young artists and explore and develop themes for a short art film. The young people are diverse both as people and artists but as they worked together a strong theme emerged:  All of the young film makers have a non-visible learning disability and are trying to work out what that means for them as they transition to adulthood…

In January 2017 the young team submitted a short film and story board in way of proposal to Calling the Shots to be commissioned to make a 3 minute art film for the Arts Council  in partnership with Channel 4’s Random Acts series. The film they submitted is called uncomfortable. It was for some difficult to make; demonstrated a huge commitment to process and the bravery and vision of the young film makers involved:   “If I want to have my feelings heard, this is my chance.”

The young film makers have been successful in sparking the interest of Calling the Shots who have just confirmed they wish to work with them to develop this theme further (two development workshops will run in March and April 2017). If commissioned the Young Film Makers will be shooting a short art film on the Dartington Estate during the summer half term holiday (May/June 2017).

The young film makers are now seeking the involvement of other learning disabled young people somewhere on the preparing for adulthood pathway to participate as performers and members of the production team – to find out more contact [email protected]

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