Totnes MP joins Kool Club

Kool club invited Totnes MP Sarah Wollaston to meet with them for the morning on Saturday 11th of February. Members prepared for the visit by exploring the British political system and finding out about how they can be involved. They prepared a huge poster for the event and used masks of famous politicians to learn more about the key characters and hierarchy of our political system. They also did a quiz.

The young people greeted Sarah and soon discovered she was very approachable. They made her a cup to tea and we shared fruit salad.

They had a variety of questions for Sarah covering both local and international issues, from the EU to Donald Trump. On a local level, issues such as the closing of local hospitals and changes to our local supermarket were raised. Matters that were important to the group were: why is it hard for young people to find jobs and recent cuts to my Devon Card.

It was great to see everyone so relaxed with Sarah, they were clearly engaged in the debating process and comfortable voicing their concerns and views.

The visit forms part of the group’s exploration of ‘Your Voice’, which is looking at enabling the youngsters to be secure in knowing how to express their views and know their rights on a local and national level. In the coming weeks we will be looking at major party manifestos and how these affect young people. As a group we are hoping to visit the Houses of Parliament later this year to discover more about democracy and how young people can get involved.


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