College Duke of Edinburgh Qualifying Expedition

Last week, four of our Lifeworks College students completed their Duke of Edinburgh qualifying expedition. The group did brilliantly and we thought we’d share the assessor’s fantastic comments with you…


“Charley’s a real workhorse who’s fully of energy and determination. The team worked really well together and Charley was a great help to those who needed a lift and an arm when they were feeling tired.

The three days of expeditioning were undertaken with real enthusiasm which was reflected in the team successfully completing this qualifying venture. Charley is completely at home in the outdoor environment and I trust that there will be other opportunities for him to use his natural abilities. He delighted in using the GPS and finding the way for the team… Very well done Charley. Many congratulations.”




‘Ben was a member of a successful team who completed their expedition on in and around the southern edges of Dartmoor. The team worked really well together throughout the entire expedition period and showed their care and understanding for each other in their own unique ways.

Ben’s …’IS…ISN’T’ being a little game that was easily played along the way and gave some light relief when the challenges were often a little greater. This journey, the training, practise and qualifying for Ben has literally been a step more each time out which has enabled him to grow in ability and confidence. Very well done indeed Ben… Many congratulations.”



“The team really worked well together throughout the venture, Bethan bringing her own particular encouragement…YEEESSSS!!

Bethan liked the little bit of rain, a true country girl…it probably helped cool her down…or so she says. The three days were a challenge and Bethan together with the team faced them and overcame them. Very well done Bethan, very many congratulations.”







“Bryn was a member of a successful team who completed their expedition on in and around the southern edges of Dartmoor.

Bryn was able to make good use of his navigational skills and often added and assisted those who were unsure. Bryn rose to the challenges of the training then the practice and qualifying ventures with enthusiasm and determination which resulted in a successful completion for him and the team as a whole. Very well done Bryn … Many congratulations.”


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