Robins: From a Parent’s Perspective

As a charity, we are very proud of all of our services and the support we offer, and love to talk about this and our fantastic staff – but there’s nothing better than getting the inside story- feedback from the families we support. Eleanor Whitcombe’s son, Roman attends Robins- and she has kindly agreed to share her thoughts and experiences…

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“Roman comes to Robins for respite and he has been attending for nearly 6 years. He has 22q deletion and epilepsy. He is nonverbal and has no mobility and needs support for each part of his day.

I expect Robins to provide a clean, safe environment, with friendly, well informed staff who are well trained and will treat our children with respect and dignity.

Robins gives Roman the opportunity to socialise with his peers in a fun setting- and as he is an only child this is great for him. For me and my partner it gives us the chance to spend quality time together away from the stress and pressures of caring for a child with special needs.

What Roman likes best about Robins is easy EVERYTHING! He has a happy time every time he visits and loves the green bus and the fantastic trips he has been lucky to go on. Longleat stands out as the best. He loves the staff and is happy to be left there.

I like the fact that I can leave my son in the team’s care and I don’t have to worry about Roman and it gives me a chance to relax knowing that he is happy in their care.

I have been asked about what could be improved: maybe a nice decorating job done in the lounge to brighten it up a little and maybe some new toys to give the young people new thing to play with. The staff at Robins ask for our views as parents and there is already a decorating plan in place and some new toys/activities aids purchased.

As long as Roman stays happy at Robins then I’m happy- he also goes with a smile on his face and seems to come home full of beans.”

If you would like to make a donation to support young people like Roman who attend Robins, you can make a donation here!

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