Sesame’s Day Out to Decoy Park


A lovely fresh Friday morning, the whole of Sesame was up and ready to go out for their weekly group activity and lunch out. After asking the group where they would like to go, Decoy seemed to be the most popular choice. Everyone dug out their welly boots filled the drinks bottles and off we went. It was such a lovely walk with the sun coming through the trees, a little bit of rain but that didn’t stop them.

When they got to the clearing Jack decided he had had enough and his feet were hot, he sat himself down on the grass and took his socks and wellies off. Callum decided to join him while the others finished their walk. Just then a lady came by with her very friendly dog, the dog showed them some tricks and Jack and Callum thought this was hilarious. By now everyone had worked up a huge appetite and they all got back in the bus and went to the Penn Inn pub for some nice grub.

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